ME: A little in English.        About the site ME!


My name is Inger-Lise and I live  with my Jens on the island Jel°y,-the pearl of the Oslofjord,"belonging" to the town Moss.

If you follow the links at the site ME,you will find my homeplace there.Both Jel°y(Oslofjordens perle) and the town Moss.

You will also find Harstad,-the town in north of Norway,-where I was born.

And Troms°, my dear Troms°. I  love that town! They call it "Paris of the North".That town really has a soul!:)

I also spent every summer holidays as a  child on the family-farm in the country,not far from Troms°. This farm,where I was a farmer for 7 years as  an adult.Some wonderful years of my life,with the beautiful nature of the north of Norway around me,my children , the animals and my friends. My husband was a sailor.I worked in the district as a nurse,and some years at the hospital in Troms°.

You will find 2 sites with pictures from these years under MEMORIES:"My years as a farmer."

At the site "ME" you will see picture of me as a little girl and as a nurse-student.

You will find my two lovely daughters,Mai-Lis and Iselin, my dear Jens and

pictures of me and my german sheppard Ibo,in action with the dogsport agility.

I also have an education in training dogs for obidience, and I'm sorry my long "speach" about dogs is in Norwegian....Perhaps one day I will translate it.......

My 2 daughters have "given me" 6 grandchildren and I love them all very much!

We have a little poodlegirl called Chamie.

I like poetry, painting,writing, photographing, of course my computer and I really love reading books!

I am very proud of the beautiful Norwegian nature! I hope you will enjoy it here at my homepage! Have a nice time!

Hug from Inger-Lise